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Insight Course
Table of Contents & Lesson Links

Listed below are the number and title of the 21 lessons of the Insight Course with links to each lesson. These thought-provoking lessons generally take one to two hours to complete. The purpose of every lesson is to empower us all to be more effective and inspiring in building a brighter future.

Foreword - Fluid Intelligence and Transparency

Lesson 1 - The Unlimited Potential Within Every One of Us

Lesson 2 - Media Deception and Public Perception

Lesson 3 - Taking Responsibility for Our Lives

Lesson 4 - Hidden Agendas of the Military/Industrial Complex

Lesson 5 - Be The Change

Lesson 6 - Universal Connections

Lesson 7 - Breathing Love

Lesson 8 - The Power Elite and False Flag Terrorism

Lesson 9 - Beyond Life and Death

Lesson 10 - In Sickness and In Health

Lesson 11 - Principles of Transformation (review of previous lessons)

Lesson 12 - Infinite Energy

Lesson 13 - Core Life Challenges

Lesson 14 - Control of the Mind

Lesson 15 - Shifting Paradigms

Lesson 16 - Life Purpose and the Power of Intentions

Lesson 17 - Simple Principles to Live By

Lesson 18 - Transforming Our Relationship With Money

Lesson 19 - Sacred Sexuality

Lesson 20 - Beyond Duality

Lesson 21 - We're All Interconnected (course review)

This engaging course is filled with inspiration and information which is almost guaranteed to assist you in filling your life with greater love, understanding, and purpose. For comments of those who have completed the course, click here. Join us in being the change we want to see.

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