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Insight Course: Lesson 12

Infinite Energy

No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man's reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable – and we believe they can do it again.
   ~   John F. Kennedy, 1963

Now that you've completed half of the Insight Course, it's time to dip into the well of infinite energy. Very few know how to consciously tap into this well, yet we have all experienced the powerful forces there to some extent.

There are those spreading fear in our world who would have us believe that our supply of oil and therefore energy is almost exhausted. Yet if we remember that the most profound sources of energy lie not outside of us, but rather within, we can move with power and confidence in this world as we spread our loving energy to all.

Einstein is highly revered for his famous formula E = mc2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Thus, according Einstein, all mass is in its essence a form of energy. Quantum mechanics is finding that within the "absolute vacuum" of space, there exists a zero-point energy field where matter is continually being created and destroyed.

Quantum scientists are finding that all of space is filled with electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations creating a universal sea of zero-point energy. Some pioneering scientists claim that once we learn how to tap into this infinite sea, energy will be almost as easily obtained as the air we breathe.

To learn lots more about the exciting developments in the field of energy and how some amazing inventions have been suppressed by those who would lose billions of dollars if oil were replaced, please watch the engaging 45-minute video below titled Heavy Watergate.

Next, please read the below revealing two-page summary which gives a brief history and describes new energy sources and inventions: 

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