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Insight Course: Lesson 15

Shifting Paradigms

The superstition of materialism is the dominant ideology of a majority of people in the world. It's the specious doctrine that physical matter is the only reality, and that nothing can be said to exist unless it's perceivable by a human being's five senses or detected by technologies that humans have created.
  ~  Rob Brezsny in his fun, profound book Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia

Now that we have gone to some of the deepest depths of both our personal and global challenges, let us shift our focus to inspirational materials which powerfully call on us to create a new paradigm based on love and empowerment. The essays below describe the powerful shift of paradigms occurring in our world from a big picture perspective and what we can do to promote this change.

First is a list comparing perspectives of the old and new paradigms in our world. It's not about one paradigm being right or better, but rather just an excitement that collectively, we are moving towards a more loving, supportive way of life.

The concise two-page summary at the link below delves further into the ways of the old paradigm before then exploring in a most inspiring way how each of us can join in welcoming in an exciting new paradigm. - Creating a New Paradigm

By each of us committing to transform ourselves from the inside out, and then all of us coming together to be the change that we want to see in the world, the process of transformation is inevitable. This is what the Insight Course is all about!

Now for a fun, inspiring story which reminds us of the importance of looking inside to find the beauty, and then validating ourselves and those around us for who we are, watch the entertaining 16-minute video below. - Validation

Now that you've been validated, another powerful essay contains material which is very deep, yet can be difficult to digest. For this reason, we recommend reading through these intriguing words slowly to gain whatever wisdom might be available for you in the concepts presented. As with all Insight Course materials, we recommend opening to your inner guidance as you explore these writings. - Shifting Paradigms

Drinking in the Divine Light

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The wisdom and consciousness of All That Is flows deep within every one of us. It is up to each of us how much we open to exploring this mystical place within.  ~  Anonymous

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