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Messages of Appreciation
For the Heart and Mind Expanding Insight Course

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Moving, revelatory, infuriating, exciting, funny, poignant... What a cornucopia of emotions this course put me through. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have had my eyes and mind opened.   ~  Burt K.

I considered myself a relatively well informed person before I began the course, but I learned a lot, and especially benefited from the overall perspective that the course gave me. All this vitally important info in one place, with the needed support to withstand the disturbing truths. I've never seen anything like it.  ~  Meredith T.

This course has been incredibly insightful (and appropriately named!). I was already getting into the shadow side of all the things being hidden from us and feeling fear, frustration and desperation. This course helped me solidify a bigger and more complete picture of this. Yet I was also inspired to want to be the change, and to not go down the path of fear and frustration. I realized that we CAN do something about the bad things in this world.  ~  Justin

This whole course is great, and will be great for many people. It has greatly broadened my view and enhanced my understanding of the world, who I am in it, and the interconnectedness of all things. If anyone is feeling helpless, hopeless or confused about the world we live in, I think this course offers a way that helps them begin to construct their path through it.  ~  Ken F.

No doubt about it, my life has changed drastically since I began this course. I am learning how to eliminate fear of the unknown. I feel liberated and so energized ... WAY beyond anything like the illusion that was my life when I was addicted to meth. People are starting to notice and to wonder what I am doing differently.  :)  And I am surprised in a pleasant way that when I introduce these ideas, folks I share these ideas with are eager to learn. Thank you all for being here.  ~  Roxi

To understand why those who wrote these messages have
so much appreciation for the free Insight Course, click here.

Working my way through this material is changing me. I feel more contentment than I have ever felt before, even while becoming more aware of the distress of our world at this time. The course has given me hope that there is still time for me to contribute to Love's work within our world and universe. It feels like returning home and finding that I am not all alone.  ~  JoyAnna S.

My recent journey of discovery began a few years ago with a personal investigation into 9/11. After much research, I had come to the conclusion that what was happening was completely out of my control, and that there was little to no hope for a species gone this over-the-top insane. So my projected outlook was dismal to say the least. Then I was sent a fortuitous email which led to my decision to take this course. The course's vision of mixing sober dark information with valid inspirational information is just what the doctor ordered in my case. A year later my outlook is soberly revised toward the opposite end of spectrum. Those 21 lessons were the perfect catalyst that led me on a journey of discovery that I could have never possibly imagined. Thanks to all involved for being a true light in the "apparent" darkness when I so sorely needed exactly that!  ~  Chris B.

This was a lot more intense than I had anticipated. I really didn't expect to feel much different than I did when I started this course, but that isn't the case. Still so much to do and understand, but I feel very good about myself right now and about what is to come of me.  ~  Tracy C.

Awesome Course! Best I have ever taken by a long shot. I took just under a year to finish it. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed the course and how moved I am. Beautiful, awesome, powerful, delicious, intense. Gratitude upon gratitude I have!  ~  Jeff S.

The most empowering, thought-provoking, shit-disturbing message that you repeat over and over is the acceptance of what is and the power of love as a transformational tool. I thank you for that. I am doing the breath work more often and with a wider variety of others - friends, enemies, and family. I find myself humming almost non-stop and definitely am smiling more!  ~  Cathy M.

I am definitely getting a more complete picture of the world around me. This makes all sorts of things easier to comprehend and hence less "scary." I feel more connected to people around me. When I see people going about their business, I can imagine they have families, brothers, sisters, joys and sorrows ... a life, just as important to them as mine is to me. I can't help but be nicer, more tolerant of people when I see them like this.  ~  Jeremy W.

To understand why those who wrote these messages have
so much appreciation for the free Insight Course, click here.

Thank you so much for being here. I think you literally saved my life. A couple years ago I started poking my nose into worldly affairs on the web. The more I poked, the more peace and serenity left me. Fear is not a comfortable chair. My friends and family got really tired of listening to me. Next step was they'd run if they saw me. It would have been a tight race to see which would be my demise – fear or friend with gun. A week before finding the course, I said a prayer asking for a solution to the havoc caused by my search for knowledge. Not sure how I spied it, but it shined its light and I knew this was for me. Prayer answered, Thank you, God!  ~  Kate Q.

Each day I find more peace of mind and am experiencing so much growth. I am feeling so centered and peaceful. I am finding the course wonderful, and am excited everyday that I can spend the two hours or so for each lesson.  ~  Jennifer

To see the manifestation of this course in so many areas of my life is extremely reassuring. I have come a long way from being someone who was always tough on himself and self persecuting. My growth and understanding have been nothing short of remarkable in terms of manifestation in my relationships and perspective. I look forward to each day with a sense of confidence in my ability to remain focused on my intentions and in a constant positive flow. I have made my own portfolio of material from the course that I carry with me. It is the fitness center for my soul, and it is open 24/7.  ~  Lance M.

I have been questioning the value of taking a close look at the dark underbelly of the collective shadow. I don't see anyone around me doing that except my husband. Some spiritual friends say, "Why not just focus on the light?" I had an experience with lesson four which has moved this inquiry forward. After reading the story of the Christmas Truce, I found myself spontaneously breaking down sobbing. It was after reading the last line of the song: "That the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame, and on each end of the rifle we're the same." I was crying out of a deep sense of responsibility for being a part of that which caused this. I had a sense (which my mind doesn't yet understand) that I am not separate from "the ones who call the shots" who I have had so much disdain for. For once, I had a sense of not being separate from "them." I have so far held myself as "not a part of that" and "better than" them. I got a glimpse of how much of the same vicious insanity is in me, and has been in me. I am willing to wake up out of that insanity, but that does not make me different or better. And I am not separate. Thank you for putting this course together. It is a great service.  ~  Lynn Marie L.

I have struggled for seven years and 3,000 hours of research into the dark side and did not know what to do with it. This course was wonderful in integrating it with the light side, as well as with both of these sides in me. I am much more at peace with the dark side of the world and, more importantly, my own dark side. This should facilitate a dramatic reduction in my use of judgment and a focus on creating a world from gratitude and joy.  ~  Jim G.

I really got how my view was perpetuating the results I obtained in my world. I've been scouring your site, breathing and being grateful for all that occurs in my life (past, present and future). I find that I'm much more hopeful and excited – and much more interactive once again with people. So, it follows that breakthroughs are beginning to occur – my daughter found a house, my health is restored, and I'm back to the gym.  ~  Cathie B.

I am forever indebted to you for being instrumental in changing my attitude towards my parents, which in the past was one filled with deeply rooted bitterness and anger. You have convinced me that I solely am responsible for my own circumstances, and that in order to change them, I am the one who has to change. My new attitude is already starting to pay huge dividends, and I am eternally grateful.  ~  David J.

I am feeling a circle of energy that is giving positive feedback, which will manifest more positive energy and more feedback. I am really excited. I cannot appreciate you enough for giving me the amazing opportunity to walk this transformation path. It is giving a huge new dimension to my life. Thank you sooo much!  ~  Esther V.

To understand why those who wrote these messages have
so much appreciation for the free Insight Course, click here.

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