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Media Deception
& Public Perception

Insight Course: Lesson Two

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media deception

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.  ~  Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Media Deception: Project Censored

One organization truly stands out in its powerful work to educate the public about media deception. Project Censored is an inspiring university program dedicated to reporting major news stories which the major media either largely or completely failed to cover. Please read the revealing information by Project Censored at the link below.

Thanks to the amazing tool of the Internet, those who want to be informed of important matters neglected by the major media can find such information on reliable websites like and, which are designed specifically for this purpose. Certainly not all news on the Internet is reliable, but by using discernment, it is possible to find many quality websites with reliable reports of great import which otherwise would not be available.

media deception

Finding suppressed information on key people or events has become tremendously easier than it was just a few decades ago thanks to the empowering capabilities of the Internet (which incidentally was originally created by the military).

The World Wide Web is most certainly a powerful tool of change. Without it, you would not be reading this, and the Insight Course would not be possible in this form. The Internet is providing a giant leap towards greater openness and transparency on both an individual and global basis.

Power of Nightmares - A BBC Documentary

For the next section of this lesson, please read the web page and watch the third part of the BBC documentary Power of Nightmares at the link below. Each section of this three-part BBC series is 60 minutes. If you have time, all three parts have excellent information, though part three is enough for the purpose of this lesson. This documentary will give further context for the role of the media and politicians in the unfolding drama of our world. Links to written transcripts are included.

As is evident in the Power of Nightmares, many of the political and economic elite of this world use fear and "national security" as tools to maintain and increase their hold on power. By keeping the public in a state of fear and insecurity, it is much easier for those with hidden agendas to promote war and to channel more of our tax money to support the defense industry and the mega-corporations who profit handsomely from war.

With its increasing reliance on sensationalism to garner profits, the media all too often latches on to government propaganda laden with fear and promotes it widely – often on the front pages and in top headlines. When the evidence later shows that the fear-inducing news was greatly exaggerated or even completely false, this "correction" is rarely given much attention, so that the original perception of fear remains embedded in the public mind.

Change is in the Air

In exploring shadow material, the Insight Course starts with the media, as it is one of the key ways in which vital information is kept hidden from the public. Though some reporters and editors truly want to bring all important information to the public, many among the elite ownership of the world's media have their own agenda which sometimes blocks key information from reaching the public. You will see more of this in coming lessons.

Yet as humanity reaches a point of wanting to know more of what is going on, the Internet is now filling the role at which the old media is failing. As mentioned, numerous alternative media websites and even transformational sources like this course are now available thanks to the interconnectivity of the World Wide Web. They are filling in the gap, educating the public, and calling people to action. Change shows up in many unexpected ways, the Internet being just one of these.

Even as we expose this important information, let us examine how we at times might engage in similar behavior. Don't most of us occasionally broadcast each other's life dramas and traumas rather than work together to transform them? And how often do we choose to keep some of our own or our loved ones' deepest, darkest secrets from ever being aired?

Don't most of us have "skeletons in the closet," personal or family secrets that we are careful never to reveal, believing that this is what's best for all concerned? Let us commit to work towards supporting and broadcasting the very best in each other and towards ever greater transparency in all aspects of our lives.

Every Person in the World Has a Heart

Remember, too, that even those who own and control the media have a place in their hearts that wants only to love and be loved. They once were sweet children who knew little but love and laughter. As a way to really get this, please watch a heart-warming, two-minute video clip of a baby laughing, and imagine that even those who would hurt or control us were once like this beautiful baby. - Laughing Baby

And as the potent, one-minute video clip below beautifully demonstrates, the process of change is open to all. - METAPHORmosis

Thanks for your willingness to explore the light and the shadow in these lessons. Again, the Insight Course is not designed to convince you of anything. Yet it does present information that can expand your horizons and allow all of us to be more effective agents of change in our beautiful world.

By learning to dance with the shadow and inviting the dark places to come to light, we are changing our lives and world in a big way. Thank you for caring. The profound, highly inspiring material on personal responsibility in lesson three will help us even more to be the change.

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.
For the inspiring origin of this quote, click here.

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Take Action: Suggested Activities to Be the Change

  • Notice what emotions the above material brought up in you. Can you see that these emotions arose for a reason and accept them? If they are uncomfortable emotions, find a way to work towards first accepting, and then shifting what you are experiencing to support your deeper intentions in life.
  • Take some time to explore places where you might be keeping important information from others in your life. Where might you even be hiding some things from yourself? As we call for greater transparency in the media, let us not forget to work towards greater transparency both with ourselves and with those around us.
  • On watching or reading the news, do you have a tendency to believe what you hear, or do you tend to be skeptical of everything presented? Notice on which end of the spectrum you fall and consider ways in which you might find a healthy balance between skepticism and gullibility.
  • When have you read, heard, or seen something that deeply disturbed you, yet then chosen to look away and do nothing? How might you have responded differently? Explore ways in which you can empower yourself to face the difficult and scary challenges that life presents and work to accept and change them for the good of all involved.
  • Consider sharing information in this lesson with those in your life who might be open to exploring all that is going on in the world. Contact your political and media representatives with information in this lesson and ask them to take action. Be aware, however, that many are not open to this information. We've found it's best not to be pushy. You might start by recommending the fluid intelligence essay and the short media summary. Look into some of the many groups working to bring this information out into the open.
  • Even though there may be key powerful people who are spreading fear and withholding important information from the public, can you open to seeing that these people have a place in their hearts that wants only to love and be loved? Let's work together to stop the secrecy and disempowering behavior, yet recognize the potential for change within every individual.

For Those Who Want More

http://www.personalgrowth... - Power of Nightmares and Century of the Self

Watch all three hours of the highly revealing and educational BBC documentary Power of Nightmares. The last link on the page has another excellent documentary, The Century of the Self, which explores the role of advertising and public relations in manipulating the public. This engaging documentary was also produced by Adam Curtis – the award-winning BBC producer who made Power of Nightmares. - Project Censored website

This is the website of the inspiring university program you read about above. Through a partnership of faculty, students, and the community, Project Censored conducts research on important national news stories that are underreported, ignored, misrepresented, or otherwise censored by the corporate media. Each year, Project Censored publishes a ranking of the top 25 most censored important news stories in the yearbook, Censored: Media Democracy in Action. - Media Information Center

This key information center contains an abundance of reliable, verifiable information showing how the media both intentionally and unintentionally manipulates public perception. An abundance of excellent news articles, videos, summaries, and more reveal important information of which few are aware. - Unconstitutional

The most excellent video documentary Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties clearly depicts the rapid erosion and loss of civil liberties and civil rights in the U.S. since 9/11. Available for free viewing, this empowering video presents interviews with ranking members of Congress, top legal experts, and even a former CIA chief, all of whom describe many insidious efforts to take away privacy and freedoms guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution for over 200 years. - Uncensored news websites

A short list of reliable news websites known for not censoring their news stories. Consider checking one or more of these websites regularly and/or signing up for one of their mailing lists. We particularly recommend the excellent email list put out by our sister website, Sign up by clicking here. - DailyGood

With all of the violence and sensationalism in the major media these days, many people hunger for positive news. This is one of the very best websites and email lists committed to spreading good news in our world. DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the abundance of good we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness. Since 1999, it has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. Even if you don't like email lists, this one is well worth it and will make you smile.

Thanks for being open to exploring the shadow side of our lives and world as it relates to the media and public perception. Lesson three will dive into highly inspiring material exploring how we can take greater personal responsibility both for our personal lives and for our world. Thanks for your continued interest, and have a beautiful day.

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