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Insight Course Registration

Thanks for your interest in the Insight Course. The registration process for the course is quick and simple. It is designed to both enhance your journey and to make navigation through the course easier for you. The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the registration form. Simply fill in the blanks and press the "Create new account" button.

The second to the last box on the registration form asks for your feedback on the course foreword and first lesson. In fact, at the end of each lesson, there is a link to a page where you can write your comments on that lesson as a kind of course journal. If you'd like to join our community networking portal, please write at least a couple sentences after each lesson showing that you are sincere in your interest.

What you write on each lesson will be stored on your personal profile page. This enables you to go back and review what you've written at any time. The only people besides you who will have access to this and to any information you submit are designated Insight Course administrators who are available to answer any questions or requests you might have.

Anything you enter on your personal profile page and anything you write to our team will never be shared with anyone without your permission.

Once you have submitted the registration information, you will automatically be taken to your own personal profile page. You might want to bookmark this personal profile page as a favorite to keep track of your progress and find links to lessons. On the right side of the page you will always find a list of all lessons you have completed plus the next one, with links to take you directly to any of these lessons.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests for support at any time during the course, go to your profile page and click on "New message." One of our designated course guides will respond to your message, generally within 24 hours.

Thanks for your interest in being the change you want to see in the world. Our members very much look forward to greeting you in our beautiful community networking portal once you've completed the course. You take care and have a most wonderful journey through this inspiring and educational material.

To register for the Insight Course now, click here

Special Note: If you have already registered for one of the other courses in our support center, please notify us, as mentioned at the top of your profile page, and click here rather than the above link.

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